– Moving Pictures Magazine

"A revealing documentary on America’s youth."
   – The New York Times, Freakonomics Blog

"It will challenge your stereotypes of Millenials."
   – Fast Company Magazine


America has questions about today’s youth, what we care about, and where we’re headed. We had those questions too. So, after graduating college, four of us loaded an RV and embarked on a journey looking for answers. We traveled to all of the lower 48 states, talking to our peers about growing up, 9/11, race, the Internet, careers, sex, love, and the American Dream. Along the way, we met a wide cross-section of young Americans, ranging from a cancer researcher in Boston to a drug dealer in New Mexico, from an Iraq veteran in Florida to the founder of Facebook in Silicon Valley. The film ultimately leads to the historic 2008 election, where our generation finally stands up to make its voice heard. OUR TIME is a passionate portrayal of a generation, a meditation on coming of age in 21st-century America, and a rallying cry against apathy.


OUR TIME was released in 2011 on the Documentary ChannelAmazonHulu, and Netflix.